Company overview

CLC & Associates began operations within a well renown international financial firm developing relationships with clients, advisors and management alike. We started out small with just a few people in a small office but we were able to learn what it was that advisors wanted, what managers needed, and the traits that clients desire in their trusted advisors. Working closely with advisors gave us rare insight into the financial services industry. Our hands-on experience within a financial firm sets us apart from the rest. Our partnerships with management gave us the experience to catapult to the national level. Today, we have talent acquisition specialists in offices throughout the United States.

We achieved our success because of how we integrated with clients. We provide a hands-on approach in an otherwise hands off industry. Our team is trained to identify the traits that align with each partner’s distinct culture, and objectives.

CLC & Associates continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

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